Communications for Finance Professionals

The primary aim of the Action Oriented Communications for Finance Professionals course is to ensure that Finance Professionals possess the knowledge and skills to present effective recommendations to Operational colleagues.

Finance Professionals are already competent in the analysis of Financial Data. Additionally however, written communications provided by the Finance team must contain clear, concise, recommendations. Any lack of clarity in written communications can lead to inefficiency in the execution of projects and initiatives.

This course will provide a range of tools and techniques to help financial experts overcome the challenges of communicating effectively to their audience.

Training Course Objectives

This course

  • ensures that participants appreciate that a document is not necessarily well written just because it contains the correct technical content  
  • introduces participants to a the fundamental principles of good Financial Technical Writing
  • helps participants to understand HOW to structure technical documents to ensure that they can be understood consistently by the audience
  • is workshop based, including a wide range of exercises encouraging participants to review their own documents with respect to the principles of good Financial Technical Writing.

On completion of our training, participants will

  • have a checklist of best practice principles, against which they can assess the effectiveness of their Financial Technical Writing
  • Know how to produce effective written correspondence
  • Understand how to assess and write to the audience
  • Know how to review and revise documents


Course Content Overview

Pre-Course Preparation:
Prior to the course, course participants will be circulated with a Case Study scenario. This Case Study scenario provides an overview of a fictitious Consumer goods organisation, providing details of products, customers and competitors.

Course Participants will be required to prepare a report recommending actions that the scenario company should pursue to ensure market success.

During the course, the reports submitted by participants will be assessed for the quality of Technical Communications used.


Course Session 1: Communication Essentials
This session provides participants with an understanding of the challenges of communicating effectively to a non specialist audience.

  • Hearing, Understanding, Agreeing, Acting                            EXERCISE

Course Session 2 Guidelines for writing Process Documents

This session introduces participants to the fundamental principles of good technical writing

  • Simple Language
  • Limit the Number of Ideas
  • Using Conditionals (Should / Could / Would)
  • Irrelevant Restrictions
  • Information in Order
  • Precision
  • Consistency                                                                             EXERCISE
  • Effective Presentation of Numerical Data

Course Session 3 Organizing and Delivering Financial Information

This session informs participants how to structure their ideas into distinct points and how to effectively communicate points and supporting information

  • Dealing with terms and acronyms
  • Using The Direct Approach                                                    EXERCISE
  • Using The Controlling Idea                                                    EXERCISE
  • Constructing effective paragraphs
  • Elevator Pitch

Course Session 4 Templates for Structured Communications
This session provides participants with an overview of best practice templates that can be utilised to support structured communications of ideas.

  • Objective
  • Background and Context
  • Recommendations
  • Risks
  • Next Steps
  • Support Appendices.


Course Session 5 Case Study Update
In this session an update will be made to the pre-course Case Study. This update will require participants to rethink their recommendations and present these recommendations in the appropriate format.                                                                                            EXERCISE


Course Session 6:  Document Review
In this session course participants will review the updated proposals prepared in Session 6 for compliance with the best practice Technical Writing principles introduced earlier on the course.

  • Document review                                                                    EXERCISE


Review and Close
Participants will be required to prepare a personal action plan indicating how they plan to introduce the principles and techniques learned on the course to their day-to-day roles.