Creativity and Innovation

Creativity requires a challenge to start a flow of new ideas, then a way to capture them. This workshop based course provides participants with an understanding of what creativity is, as well as a range of practical tools and techniques to support creation and implementation of creative ideas in the workplace. 

Course Content

Session 1: What is Creativity

Creativity vs. Innovation
Convergent vs. Divergent Thinking
Creativity Myths
How Creative are You?                                                                      Exercise
Generativity Theory
Creativity Competencies

Workplace Challenge

Session 2: Capturing

Barriers to effective Capturing
Capture a Daydream Exercise
Random Doodles Exercise

Workplace Challenge

Session 3: Challenging

ABC of Creativity Exercise

Workplace Challenge

Session 4: Broadening

Creative Whack Pack Exercise
Random Word List Exercise
The Experts Game Exercise
Workplace Challenge

Session 5: Surrounding

The Little Nod Exercise
No Hands Exercise
How do other companies do it?

Workplace Challenge

Session 6: Innovation

Six Hats Exercise
The Waiting Game Exercise