Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

Training Course Aims and Objectives
Clarify & improve the understanding of FMEA.
Create an FMEA for an identified area
Other ways of looking at things using Creative Thinking Techniques
Create an effective action plan
Create a Control Plan for sustaining the gains.

FMEA Course Content
The following is an outline of the 2 day FMEA (Failure Mode Effective Analysis) facilitated training workshop

Day One
Introductions & Outline the objective
Origins of FMEA
Why & Who use an FMEA
Pre Requisites to FMEA
Discuss experiences & challenges with FMEA
When to conduct an FMEA
FMEA Process Steps (including reacting to the FMEA results)
Case Studies
Determine the focus of the FMEA
Breaking the FMEA down into smaller bodies of work
Review the identified focus area
Map out the process
Define the Rating Scaling System (using data measures provided)
Create the FMEA
Identify Approaches to prioritise risk
Define the action plan with owners & dates

Day Two
Review the list of actions agreed
Present an update on the status of actions taken.
For outstanding actions, review challenges encountered
Verify effectiveness of corrective actions taken
Thinking Techniques (e.g. SCAMPER, Anti-Solution)
Apply these techniques to some of the challenges encountered.
Prioritise the next steps
Outline the new action plan
Define Owners & Dates to each action
Look at ways to ensure sustaining progress
Define Control Plans required