Introduction to Lean Management

Organisations are coming under increasing pressure to deliver more with less. With budgets contracting and the need to maintain and improve productivity there is a need to look at every aspect of how your organisation is run to improve its efficiency.
This seminar will help you to implement greater efficiencies, support the identification and elimination of waste through the use of LEAN. This will be done using the practical tools that allow you to discover how to remove the chaos out of your day-to-day job while providing sustainable results. LEAN involves empowering employees to make the changes and add value to the existing organisation – come and find out how.

Aim: .This day long practical based programme will empower you to understand what value-add is and how to identify waste in day-to-day processes within your organisation. Practical case studies will allow you to see the benefits LEAN can bring to your office environment while providing you with an opportunity to save money.

Learning objectives

  • What is LEAN and how it can apply to the office environment
  • Practical application of the tools
  • Means of identifying waste & adding value in an office process
  • Opportunity to identify cost saving opportunities as a result of using these techniques.

Course content

  • Introduction to LEAN
  • Overview of the Framework
  • Case Studies using specific tools & techniques
  • Practical Problem Solving tools for the office
  • Simulated examples of tools & techniques for the office
  • Problem solving in your workplace

Training Methodology
This is a hands-on practical workshop in which attendees gain a clear understanding of new tools & techniques which can be applied to the workplace to remove non value add activities & waste which prevent us from get-ting other things done. This programme is designed to assist you to look at your job differently and ensure you understand the requirements of the customer (both internal & external).

Who Should Attend
This event has been designed for all those who:-
(i) Lead a team that needs to be more efficient;
(ii) Manage bigger workloads with less resources;
(iii) Need to prioritise activities within their job;
while ensuring providing a good quality service to their customers.

Participants will benefit from the different insights and perspectives offered from the course presenter, case studies and observations made by fellow participants.