Performance Appraisal

This programme is designed to give individuals the skills and abilities to prepare and carry out an effective performance appraisal with your staff.
By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Give effective feedback
  • Handling difficult messages
  • Setting realistic goals and expectations
  • Supporting other people’s career development
  • Using acknowledgment and praise
  • Seeing other people’s views
  • Dealing with your and other’s feelings
  • Building morale and setting boundaries


Programme Outline/ Day

Step 1: What is Performance Management

  • The benefits of performance management
  • Setting attainable goals and expectations
  • Effects to individual and team of not carrying out appraisals
  • What an effective performance appraisal looks like                    Exercise

Step 2: Preparing for an appraisal

  • Reviewing an individual performance goals                                 Exercise
  • Soliciting feedback from various sources                       
  • Choosing a template to collate and give effective feedback       Exercise
  • Setting time aside for preparation and for the appraisal

Step 3: Carrying out an effective appraisal

  • Choosing the right location and time
  • Giving effective feedback                                                                        Exercise
  • Dealing with conflict situations
  • Dealing with difficult issues                                                           Exercise
  • Dealing with the individuals feelings
  • Setting boundaries
  • Using praise and acknowledgement


Step 4: Follow up and future appraisals                                                               

  • Setting you and the individual up for success                              Exercise
  • Creating future goals and regular follow up expectations
  • Building for the future                                                                   Exercise

Review and Close

Targeted Audience

Individuals who want to prepare and carry out effective performance appraisals with their staff.

Duration – 1 day