Presentation Skills – Advanced

This programme is designed to help individuals who are familiar with presenting develop their skills further so they become a master presenter
By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Deliver an effective presentation to any size of group.
  • Understand the art of communicating effectively to a group
  • Learn how to prepare for the a presentation – mental and physical
  • Learn how to use gestures and attitude to be effective when interacting with your audience
  • Learning how to manage your audience and any group interaction
  • Learn how to optimise the material you present including handouts
  • Present an effective 5 minute presentation

Programme Outline

Step 1: How do you present to an audience

  • Participant deliver 3 minute presentation to an audience Presentation
  • Effective and practical feedback to each individual

Step 2: Preparing your Presentation

  • Know your audience                                                         Exercise
  • Presentation structures – Choosing the right one Exercise
  • The 6 stage Preparation process                                      Exercise

Step 3: Preparing yourself for a presentation                                         

  • Mental preparation                                                            Exercise
  • Dressing for the occasion
  • Managing your nerves
  • Life positions                                                                     Exercise
  • Our communication vectors
  • Managing a difficult meeting                                            Exercise


Step 4: Getting your message across effectively                                                

  • Room setup and effective layout                                     Exercise
  • Sticking to your allotted time
  • Getting feedback from your audience                             Exercise         

Step 5: Practical Presentation                                           

  • 7 minute presentation to the group                             Presenting
  • Practical feedback to each individual

Review and Close

Prerequisites: (if any)

Individuals need to be familiar with presenting to audiences.  Individuals will be video-taped twice over the 2 days and given feedback on both occasions.  We need individuals to bring along a past short presentation that they are willing to share.

Targeted Audience

For individuals familiar with presenting and want to enhance their skills and bring them to the next level when delivering.

Duration – 2 days