Project Management Process Design

At Value Added Consulting, Project Management is one of our key strengths. There is evidence that investing in project management skills leads to improved organisational agility and greater business success. Thus the level of Project Management maturity has a major influence on a company’s overall performance. We offer a range of Project Management Training and Services to help companies improve their Project Management maturity.

Our Project Management services include:

Project Management Process Design.
We design and develop a Project Management process, with associated support templates, documentation and training, to help client organisations improve the effectiveness of their project activities.

Project Management Coaching
Our experienced Project Managers provide on-site and off-site coaching and support to help develop Project Managers effectiveness. Engagements can be short or long term, depending on the client’s needs.

Project Management: The need for a Structured Approach
There are many definitions of what constitutes a project such as ‘a unique set of co-ordinated activities, with definite starting and finishing points, undertaken by an individual or team to meet specific objectives within defined time, cost and performance parameters’ .Projects are usually characterised by being:

  • Instruments of change
  • Non-routine
  • Unique
  • Composed of inter-dependent activities
  • Carried out by people who don’t normally work together
  • Temporary with defined start and end dates
  • Intended to achieve a specific outcome
  • Frequently risky and involving uncertainties

There are well proven techniques available to help plan and manage projects. These Project Management techniques provide a framework – at certain points it prompts the Project Manager  to take a step back and think ‘have I done this?’, ‘have I considered that?’, ‘do I understand this fully?’, ‘what will we do should “x” happen?’, ‘how should I deal with this?’
There are many formal project management methodologies that combine a framework or approach with a set of project tools and guidelines. Some are ‘proprietary’ approaches developed by consulting firms and software houses whilst others are in the public domain. They vary in scale and complexity but all are based around a small core of common sense principles.
The diagram below shows the main components of most project management methodologies. Some elements, namely Project Start-up and Project Closure, occur only once. The remaining elements, Planning, Managing Phases and Controlling, form an iterative cycle that may repeat many times before the project is complete.
Project Management methodology
Value Added Consulting  work with each client separately to tailor a Project Management framework to meet their specific needs.  The important thing is to develop a methodology that is user-friendly and that matches the size, risk level and complexity of client projects.
Our Trainers then deliver Training Workshops to support the methodology, placing emphasis on aspects of the methodology that are of most importance to the client organisation. The Training workshops can include usage of any documentation or other templates that have been developed by the client to support the Project Management process.