Quality Functional Deployment

Programme Objectives

This programme is designed to give participants an overview of the QFD (Quality Function Deployment) framework & demonstrate how to populate a house of quality template using a series of brainstorming, affinity diagram & critical to quality techniques.

The house of quality enables the business to evaluate the needs & wants of the customer in relation to both their product/ service technical ability & competition.  It emphasises ‘outside in’ quality by bringing voice of the customer into your company.

Programme Content

Welcome, Introductions and Objective setting
Team Building Exercise
Introduction to House of Quality
Walk through the different rooms in the house
Process Flow to the construction of QFD

Construct a VOC (Voice of Customer) Plan
Collect VOC

Continue Process Flow to the construction of QFD
Analyse VOC
Prioritise VOC
Benchmark VOC
Define CTQ (Critical To Quality)
Prioritise CTQ
Identify CTQ to CTQ Interaction
Benchmark CTQ