New Website Launch

For the past few weeks our developers have been putting the final touches to the website. 3 years have passed since we launched our last site and it has been amazing for us to see how many things have changed since our previous website launched in 2010.

Range of locations 

We have designed, developed and delivered training for our clients in six additional countries since 2010, and in one additional continent !!

We have also introduced online support for some programmes so our customers can attend our courses whenever and wherever they wish!!

Lean Six Sigma expertise 

We have developed a track record of delivery of highly successful Lean Six Sigmainitiatives across Pharma, Financial Services and Medical device clients. These Lean Six Sigma initiatives have saved our clients millions of dollars while improving the sustainability of their business performance.

Project Management Consulting

Many clients are now availing of our consulting services, particularly in the areas ofProject Management Process development . Here we design, develop and implement a Project Management process for a client, and then design, develop and deliver tailored Project Management training to support the effective rollout of this new process.

Finance Training 

Despite the significant changes we have seen at Value Added Consulting, the amazing success of our Finance Training programmes continue. Our Financial knowledge and our practical business expertise allows us to design, develop and deliver top class Finance Training to meet the specific needs of any audience.

We hope you find our new website informative and we look forward to continuing to deliver excellent training interventions for our clients for many years to come.