Sales & Customer Services

Our practical classroom-based programmes are designed to develop your existing skills to increase your confidence and levels of success in customer-facing business roles. The aim of these programmes is to equip learners with the necessary skills to meet the needs of your customers. Core to all our service programmes is understanding your customer and the challenges they face as well as the role you play in the decision making process.

Management Development & Finance

Our philosophy is one of continued education to improve skills, behaviours and knowledge of useful tools which are immediately transferable to the workplace. Our programmes focus on measurable results that impact the performance of your team and your organisation. Our finance courses cover a range of topics for all levels from Finance for Non-Financial Managers to Understanding Investment Management.

Interpersonal & Communication Skills

Our practical classroom-based programmes are designed to develop key interpersonal & communication skills relating to communications and relationship building in the workplace. Our programmes focus on developing key competencies from written communication to influencing and persuading to ensure an executive has maximum impact within their organisation. All of our programmes are interactive ensuring that learners gain the confidence and practical skills needed to guarantee real change.