Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

Training Course Aims and Objectives

  • Clarify & improve the understanding of FMEA.
  • Create an FMEA for an identified area
  • Other ways of looking at things using Creative Thinking Techniques
  • Create an effective action plan
  • Create a Control Plan for sustaining the gains.
    FMEA Course Content

    The following is an outline of the 2 day FMEA (Failure Mode Effective Analysis) facilitated training workshop
    Day One

  • Introductions & Outline the objective
  • Origins of FMEA
  • Why & Who use an FMEA
  • Pre Requisites to FMEA
  • Discuss experiences & challenges with FMEA
  • When to conduct an FMEA
  • FMEA Process Steps (including reacting to the FMEA results)
  • Case Studies
  • Determine the focus of the FMEA
  • Breaking the FMEA down into smaller bodies of work
  • Review the identified focus area
  • Map out the process
  • Define the Rating Scaling System (using data measures provided)
  • Create the FMEA
  • Identify Approaches to prioritise risk
  • Define the action plan with owners & dates
    Day Two

  • Review the list of actions agreed
  • Present an update on the status of actions taken.
  • For outstanding actions, review challenges encountered
  • Verify effectiveness of corrective actions taken
  • Thinking Techniques (e.g. SCAMPER, Anti-Solution)
  • Apply these techniques to some of the challenges encountered.
  • Prioritise the next steps
  • Outline the new action plan
  • Define Owners & Dates to each action
  • Look at ways to ensure sustaining progress
  • Define Control Plans required