Goal Focused Project Management


Project Management Training must

  • Ensure participants appreciate the value of structured Project Management processes
  • Provide a consistent Project Management Process for use on projects
  • Provide suitable templates to support the Project Management  process
  • Emphasise the practical implementation of the Project Management process
  • Facilitate Project Team Thinking rather than functional thinking

    By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Define the key phases and tools of The Project Management Process
  • Utilise Project Management tools and templates as required in projects.
  • Liaise effectively with all relevant Stakeholders
  • Clarify Project Objectives before starting to plan.
  • Effectively complete Risk Assessments and determine suitable Risk Management solutions
  • Align Project Resources with Project deliverables
  • Manage Project Meetings and other Project Communications
    Training Course Content

    Goal Focused Project Management is a two-day programme with content as follows:


    Course Content


    Mindset Attributes of an Excellent Project Manager (Exercise)
    Personal Time Management
    Project Thinking vs. Operational Thinking
    Initiate Stakeholder Mapping (Exercise)
    Define Project Goal (SMART) (Exercise)
    Project Charter (Exercise)
    Project Lifecycle
    Project Org Structure
    Project Governance
    Project Roles and Responsibilities

    Stakeholder Management Strategy

    Project Charter

    Plan WBS (Exercise)
    Critical Path (Exercise)
    Gantt Chart (Exercise)
    Risk Management (Exercise)
    RASIC and Communications Plan (Exercise)
    Scope Statement
    Resource Plan
    Gantt Chart
    Risk Management Plan
    Risk Register
    Quality Plan
    Communications Plan
    Execute Manage the Team (Exercise)
    Manage Meetings
    Manage Changes
    Team Attributes
    Belbin Team Roles
    Project Change Management
    Change Request
    Effective Meeting Minutes

    Monitor and Control

    Project Reporting Project Performance Report
    4 Up report


    Project Audit Lessons Learned