Hoshin Planning

This workshop based training course will expose participants to the value of having a consistent means of developing the business strategy using the Lean tool called Hoshin Kanri.

Course Aim

This three day hands-on workshop aims to empower participants on understanding what Hoshin Planning Strategic Planning tool can do for an organisation.  This programme is very practical and will continually reference practical case studies to allow you see the benefits Hoshin Planning can bring to an organisation.  The third day will be focused on training the attendees to be able to deliver this programme internally within the business.

Programme Outline

Day One

  • Introductions & Objectives of session
  • Overview of Hoshin Planning
  • What is Hoshin Planning
  • Where does it come from
  • Benefits to Organisations
  • Walk through the template
  • How to use the tool to identify LSS opportunities
  • Case Studies
  • Walk through the phases for the creation of a Hoshin Plan
    Day Two

  • Complete the Practical Application
  • Discuss Lessons Learnt & any insights
  • Governance Process
  • Cascading the information through the organisation
  • Application across all departments
  • How to make this part of day-to-day management
  • Review Frequency of Hoshin Plan
  • Discuss Next Steps
    Day Three – Train the Trainer

  • How to run a Hoshin Planning Session
  • Pre-work required
  • Who should be involved
  • How to cascade the technique across the organisation
  • Running the population of the template
  • Write up of the content