Managing Change

Programme Objectives

This programme will use Kotters 8 stage Model to address change. The programme looks at a broad range of change theory tools along with the psychological challenge of helping individuals manage through transitions.
Case studies will be used to apply the learnings to the specific context of the participants..

Programme Content

Introduction to Change Theory (Kurt Lewin)

  • Overview of John Kotters Change Model Framework
    Set the Stage (Kotters Framework: Step 1&2)

  • Techniques on Creating the Need
  • Team Dynamics
    Decide What to Do (Kotters Framework: Step 3)

  • Understanding the Vision & Mission Approach
    Make it Happen (Kotters Framework: Steps 4-7)

  • Communication Styles
  • Managing Stress
  • Optimising Communication to lead change
  • Techniques on how to identify & maximise Opportunities
    Make it Stick (Kotters Framework: Step 8)

  • How to build the Culture
  • Next Steps Action Plan