Streamline Processes

Organisations are coming under increasing pressure to deliver more with less.  With budgets contracting and the need to maintain and improve productivity across both the private & public sector there is a need to look at every aspect of how your organization runs and improve their business.

Lean Six Sigma has become the most successful methodology to assist people in process reengineering and problem solving.  It is a methodology that ensures sustainability of the results over time.  It has a clear track record for the delivery of results in all sectors of business from public to private regardless of size or the service your business provides.

At Value Added Consulting, our Lean Six Sigma consultants and trainers have an established track record of optimising performance of client organisations.

Deliver Projects

Many organisations who excel at operational efficiency often struggle in the delivery of key strategic projects.
Value Added Consulting has many years’ experience of helping clients understand the fundamental differences between operational efficiency and project success.

We work with clients to help design and implement suitable project management processes, tools and templates. We also design, develop and deliver training interventions to help key employees develop the essential skills to successfully deliver projects.

Manage Finance

Value Added Consulting has over 20 years expertise in designing, developing and delivering Finance training to a wide variety of organisations in a wide range of sectors and global locations.

We help our course participants understand the language and concepts of finance as well as understand how their actions can impact the financial performance of the organisation
We have provided effective Finance training interventions to professionals with primary backgrounds in Engineering, HR, Marketing, Sales, Quality etc.

Lean Consulting

Value Added Consulting has helped clients make significant process improvements, increase manufacturing efficiencies, gain customer service improvements and achieve improvements in overall quality management.

We develop custom made consultancy and training solutions that address the specific context of each client. We ensure sustaining models are put in place so that the benefits of the Lean Initiatives are felt long into the future.
We provide a unique offering through upskilling your staff while solving the problem.  This solution results in not just solving this problem for you but providing your staff with the new skills to tackle additional problems within the business.
We have extensive Lean Project Management experience across a number of industry sectors including Pharmaceutical, Medical devices, Engineering and Financial Services.