Learning by Design – The theory

Students today want strong evidence that training courses are improving their individual performance. This is particularly true for Accounting students, who are typically busy professionals with little time to invest in ineffective training courses.

Also, today we are seeing strong growth in the availability of mobile devices. These mobile devices support access to web based learning content for learners.

With this increase in the need for more effective training courses, coupled with the increased use of web technologies and availability of web based learning content, it is surprising that little research has addressed the issue of what factors lead to the most effective learning transfer from these web-based learning systems.

Micro learning describes “learning in small steps”. It is made possible with the aid of short, well designed learning activities. Web based systems that provide these short, well designed learning activities are referred to as micro-learning systems.

The results of our research showed a strong positive correlation between learning transfer, as assessed by the learners, and:
1. Micro-Learning system design
2. Access and availability of the micro-learning system and

The results of this research has informed the development of The Micro Learning Institute, which provides structured, micro-content to help Accounting students achieve success in their professional exams.

The training course content is designed in logical, structured steps that build logically on the learners prior knowledge.

This training course content, focused on the Financial Reporting exam needs of CIMA, ACCA and CPA students, can be easily accessed, 24/7, via phone, tablet and PC.

Feedback from students shows strong evidence that using our well-designed micro-content has been a significant factor in their exam success.