What is Micro-learning?

Microlearning is a way of designing and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. Research confirms that this form of learning makes it easy for students to remember what they have learned.
At Value Added Consulting, our researched showed that online systems which use microlearning techniques improve learning transfer to Finance students.
This research informed our design of The MicroLearning site. All learning materials on this site are designed using micro-learning principles.

So…what is MicroLearning?

The majority of microlearning exponents agree that microlearning content is
• Short
• Targeted and
• Multi-platform

By short, most experts suggest that microlearning content should be no more than 5 minutes in duration, and must be video based. These video can be watched “on the go” and are designed to deliver an excellent learning experience. We aim to keep our accounting videos below five minutes in most cases. However, obviously if we are working through a complete solution to a 50 mark question, this will take more time !

Focused means that each video focuses on one topic or learning outcome. Each of our accounting videos demonstrate a separate aspect of each accounting standard. For example our IAS 37 videos separately address each aspect of accounting for provisions such as onerous contacts, a provision for a single event, multiple events and a restructuring provision. Students can study each topic separately before attempting our past exam examples.

Multi-platform availability is the final characteristic of microlearning content. Students today may wish to access microlearning content on their phone, PC or on their tablet while at work, in a taxi or in bed ! Our platform is designed to provide excellent access across all these platforms so students can avail of a short, focused learning experience whenever and wherever they wish.